The Trickster Ball

January 19th, 2018

A night of androgyny, queer radiance, and community.

What We Have To Offer

Our services are always free to BU students regardless of gender identity and sexuality.

Protection Connection

Transition Support

Queer Library

Sex can be really great and exciting; especially when its safer and consensual. The Collective promotes safer sex practices at all our events. We have all your safer sex supplies, swing by our office and treat yo' self.

Office Hours

The Collective is here to refer folks to various community services and organizations here in Westman. We also have limited funding available to assist in the purchase of items such as binder, packers, or breast forms.

Over the years the Collective has accumulated an impressive selection of queer inclusive books, articles, and texts. We are working on a way to make our collection more accessible to students.

Q'munity Resources

Like That Peer Support

It can get tough out here for a queer; a lot of folks can feel alone. Here in Westman we have variety of community resources that are LBGTTQ* inclusive. Click for a curated list of these resources and businesses.


We hold weekly office hours in our Collective Office during the Fall/Winter term. Watch for updates on our new schedule

Working with the Winnipeg based 'Sunshine House', we have expanded the 'Like That' program in an effort to create space in Brandon where folks can explore their identity at their own pace.  Meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month, come as is. Snacks and activities provided.

Find a Bathroom


Thanks to the Positive Space campaign, and the tireless work of both faculty and staff, we have 14 single-stall, accessible, gender neutral washrooms on campus. We are pleased to know there are  gender neutral washroom expansion plans currently in place, we will update you as we know more.


Gender Neutral Washrooms

Our Campaigns

Our Events

  • Collective Meeting

    The purpose of this meeting is to set the direction of the collective, but also a time for members to put forth any concerns  or ideas they may have.

  • Like That Peer Support

    Working with the 'Sunshine House' program in Winnipeg ; we are really excited to bring a new drop-in program for people - who may or may not identify as: queer, gay, bi, trans, ally, 2 spirit, LGBT, pan, homo or "like that".


    The LIKE THAT program offers a safe space for everyone, to navigate and explore their identity at what ever pace they choose. We use a harm reduction approach; come as you are and have some fun! Snacks and activities will be provided.

  • SERC LGBT* Hangout

    The friendly folks down at SERC host an incredible queer hangout every month - the 2nd Friday of every month.


     Come and go as you please, have some snacks and relax with folks who understand what its like to be queer in rural Manitoba.

  • Annual General Meeting

    The AGM is a time to change the governing documents of the collective. This meeting happens every year, typically in the month of April.


    We need to hold an AGM to radify 2017-18 executive positions. budget, and updates to governing documents.


    AGM will take place on September 25th, 2017 - time and location to be announced.

  • Queer Orientation

    Queer Orientation started with the intention to create additional spaces within Brandon where queer people and allies could thrive.  Queerientation is an annual week-long event with a strong focus on community building and open celebration.

    See this years past events here.