The purpose of the collective is to create opportunities for people to publicly connect with friends, allies, and supporters in order to celebrate our lives in Western Manitoba and our accomplishments as a community. Further we want to educate the public about our culture, our place in society, and our issues of concern. Lastly, we want to demonstrate our diversity, our numbers, our normalcy, and the infectious spirit of pride we feel within ourselves and our community.

The Brandon University LGBTTQ* Collective is a non-profit, volunteer, student-run organization; working to break down barriers queer students experience while obtaining post-secondary education.


This document sets the direction for the Collective, it outlines the structure and composition of the board.


We got receipts. Want to know how a decision was made sift through our meeting minutes.


The official member-created rules that govern the day-to-day operations of the collective.

The Executive

Stef Irvine


3rd year BSc Psychiatric Nursing,

Pronouns: He, Him, They, Them


Vacant  vacant


Jeremy Falconer


BSc Nursing,

Pronouns: He, Him